Organics recycling
for a sustainable future.

Providing environmentally responsible
solutions for the disposal of organic wastes.

A broad network of organics recycling sites.

We divert valuable organics from landfills and turn them into beneficial compost used to restore
depleted soils, promoting a sustainable future. Our mission supports organizations looking to achieve their own
Zero Waste-to-Landfill or Carbon Reduction sustainability goals.

The services we provide.

CompostUSA operates a network of regional compost sites strategically located to the markets we serve. Our team of compost experts and managers have more than 100 years of combined experience. Through our composting process, we recover and reuse organic materials such as yard waste, food waste, wastewater treatment residuals, and crop residues.

The customers we serve.

Our solutions support sustainability goals and comply with regulatory requirements for the disposal of organic waste. Municipalities, commercial industries, institutional food service operators, landscapers, agriculture, and other entities responsible for the creation or collection of organic waste can all benefit from a partnership with CompostUSA.

The science and benefits of composting.

Composting is a controlled, aerobic (oxygen-driven) process that breaks down organic materials into base nutrients, nitrogen, and carbon. The end-product is compost—a dark, earthy-smelling humus-like organic matter that contains a diverse population of beneficial microorganisms. Often fondly referred to by farmers as “black gold,” it reduces water usage, lessens dependence on chemical fertilizers, delivers valuable plant nutrients, improves the microbial ecology of soil and so much more.

We promise to make a positive impact
on the Earth every single day.

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